Maintaining Oral Health

Bacteria normally present in the mouth causes dental decay and gum disease.  We can all control dental disease by thorough removal, everyday, of the sticky plaque which forms on our teeth and gums and can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.  Therefore your dentist will work with you to show you how to maintain your teeth and gums and help you to achieve dental health for life.

Your dentist will remove calculus deposits (the chalky build-up on your teeth) from above and below the gum line and give further advice if needed or simply reinforce and encourage cleaning techniques that you are already using.  Your dentist can also offer more cosmetic treatments such as Prophy Jet Cleaning (this is a high powered jet of fine cleaning powder and water) to remove tough staining.

In 1994 the government launched a new look on health, making health promotion a priority.  From the aspect of a dental surgery this means we need to educate every individual in how to correctly maintain their teeth.

During your visit the dentist will discuss your daily cleaning routine and identify areas that you are having problems with.  Good oral health is not just about the toothbrush you use but using it properly.  Good oral hygiene is fundamental to dental health and essential for fresh breath.

Diet can play an important part in good dental health. The most common cause of tooth decay is refined sugars, sugar and plaque produce plaque acids, resulting in the breakdown of enamel on the tooth surface.  Acid in plaque builds up only seconds after eating sugars but may take over 30 minutes to return to safe levels.  Toxins released from plaque bacteria can also cause gum   disease.


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