Teeth Whitening

Your smile is important – it’s one of the first things people notice about you

Only a dentist can get your teeth truly white.

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to enhance your looks. Tea, coffee, red wine and smoking can all take their toll on the way our teeth look, staining them and making our smile appear dull. Our teeth are also affected by age, becoming gradually darker over the years. Having your teeth whitened can erase these stains and lighten your teeth, helping you to look younger and giving you a sparkling, confident smile.

Click on the images below to see how effective teeth whitening can be:

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Whether you want to add a sparkle to your smile, or perfect your look for business meetings, whitening is simple, affordable, and safe.

We use a well researched technique using materials which have been shown to be efficient and safe and we advise against going to whitening clinics with unqualified personnel and also against purchasing unsafe and possibly damaging materials from the internet.

A Professional Consultation will identify those patients most likely to benefit. Old fillings may need to be replaced and of course any decayed areas restored. An impression of the teeth will need to be taken in order to produce a custom made whitening tray (similar to a very soft, thin gum shield).

Once the tray has been made your dentist will demonstrate how to use the whitening gel. Most patients will wear the tray at home for periods of up to eight hours, usually whilst sleeping, depending upon the method and type of material selected. Your dentist will advise you how long your treatment is likely to take and will closely monitor your progress. We often suggest completing one jaw at a time.

Research and experience show that the whitening effect can last for some years. However, teeth will darken faster if they are again exposed to staining products such as tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine or juices, fried food etc. Supervised ‘top up’ whitening can become part of your ongoing dental care and maintenance.

The major benefit of this system is that no conventional drilling is required to achieve a whiter, brighter smile and so it avoids invasive treatments such as crowns and veneers.


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